We are together in part because we love brand strategy, design and advertising, but we also share the same desire to be passionate about what we work on. Independently, we decided to leave our respective large, global, agency models to focus on what excites us. Brands that we can believe in. We are not in search of the bottom line. We are in search of what wakes us up in the morning, besides our morning cup of joe. 


Originally a Philadelphia construction worker, Pat decided to change career paths to advertising, where the ideals of blue-collar hard work have served him well.

Named one of the best Art Directors in Colorado, Pat most recently was part owner and CCO of Amélie Company, where he led the agency to win AdAge Small Agency of the Year. Here he was fortunate to work on brands and causes he believed in, many aimed at Coloradans, making a creative impact across our great state. Pat has had the pleasure to work on some of the largest brands in the world such as Volkswagen, Jeep, Microsoft, Electrify America and Coca-Cola. He also enjoys working on local Colorado brands and startups, ensuring the same strategic thinking and process is utilized from concept to presentation no matter the size of the brand.